Native Linux DNSSEC Agent

Hi there, great news from DNSSEC Script: We have build a native Linux DNSSEC agent for direct communication with PowerDNS and the backend.

Do you already have a PowerDNS cluster?
Install this DNSSEC Agent on your master server and it will do all the DNSSEC signing and key processing for you.

What does the DNSSEC Agent do?

  • Check for NEW domains on the cluster
  • Check for REMOVED domains on the cluster
  • Sign zones with DNSSEC (if requested via backend by you or automatic)
  • Send the KEYS to the backend (for automatic processing to registries)

Fully Automatic DNSSEC signing?

Yes, if the agent finds new domains on the cluster, it wil notify the backend, the backend can automatically proces DNSSEC for you!

Great stuff!

Have a nice summer!

Paul Hermans