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DNSSEC Signing & Key Upload Script

Especially for Hosters and DNS administrators

Signing your DNS zones with DNSSEC significantly improves the security of your DNS infrastructure. But signing your zones manually and copy pasting the data to the registries is not an option for a large number of domains. You need a script that signs your zones and uploads the key material to the registry automatically. We have this script for you, already tested in a real world situation!

Integrations with DNS Servers


At first our script was built for the PowerDNS Authoritative Server, a database driven DNS server. PowerDNS is the leading DNSSEC implementation, hosting the majority of all DNSSEC domains worldwide and around 90% of all DNSSEC domains in Europe.

More information on our DNS Servers / DNS Providers page.

Integrations with Domain Registries

  • OpenProvider all DNSSEC supporting TLD’s
  • SIDN (.nl)
  • See all our supported registries here