Install the DNSSEC Key ManagerĀ  application on your server

DNS Server: PowerDNS

The application will talk to your DNS Server(s) via the PowerDNS API.

For the DNSSEC Script to work, you need a fully configured PowerDNS Authoritative cluster up and running with DNSSEC enabled. We recommend using database replication using a secure database replication mechanism like MySQL or MariaDB Master/Slave replication.

See this blog post about installation of a PowerDNS master server:

DNSSEC Key Manager

The DNSSEC Key Manager will be hosted by you, preferable on it’s own virtual server. The application can run on a Windows or Linux server.

Domain Registries

The application will talk to your domain registries via the supplied API’s.

  • Whitelist your server IP at your registry for EPP / API access (if needed)